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Noorderlicht waiting for the ice in Tempelfjord

In the winter season, the two-mast schooner Noorderlicht freezes into solid ice in Tempelfjord to serve as a destination for tourist activities like snowscooter- and dog sledge tours.

This year the ice is so far missing, so the ship is still waiting its job. Similar to last year, winds from the south are pressing warm water into Isfjord and keep even Tempelfjord still open, which is located at the eastern (innermost) extremity of Isfjord. Another reason are extraordinarily high temperatures in Spitsbergen which have now varied around the freezing point for weeks and make this winter so far one of the warmest since the beginning of the recordings.

Now the tour operators hope for lower temperatures so that the season can start as planned at the end of February when the first tours are scheduled. Last year, the temperatures went down in March and the “boat in the ice” could begin its season just in time.

Noorderlicht in Tempelfjord, April 2013.

Noorderlicht, Tempelfjord

Source: Svalbardposten

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