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Guide breaks leg on Sarkofagen

Not just in winter the glaciers and mountains surrounding Longyearbyen (some known for their crevasses) pose danger. Also in summer it is very important to pay close attention; for example, to the partly steep and rocky subsurface tunneled by melt water.

Just recently when descenting (from) the Sarkofagen (which is situated at the westside of the Larsbreen/Lars-Glacier), a 21 year old norwegian guide broke her leg. Because there was no cellphone service available at the site of the accident, members of the group had to hike back up the mountain to call for help by informing the Sysselman. The hurt tour guide and her entire group of tourist from various nations were then flown out to Longyearbyen, where she got a cast at the local hospital and was later transported to Tromsø.

Sakrofagen (on the left hand side) view from Lars-Glacier


Source: Svalbardposten

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