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Polar bear gathering on Hopen

The days between Christmas and New Year´s Day the crew of the Norwegian weather station on the remote island Hopen was visited by an exceptionally high number of polar bears. On single days up to six polar bears were convened around the small group of houses, as the station´s cook, Bjørn Ove Finseth, reports on the station´s official website. Among them there was also a mother together with its two 2-years old cubs. They found a comfortable place to rest on the stations helicopter landing place. As members of the crew have to leave their sheltering quarters constantly for meteorological measures they were forced to chase the bears away again and again. As Finseth suggests, this was the reason for some busy days between the years. Fortunately there was never a critical situation neither for humans nor animals.

The small, streched island Hopen belongs to Svalbard. It is located in the far southeast of the archipelago. Since 1945 the Norwegians operate a meteorological station there. Currently the station is run by a crew of four persons during wintertime. Hopen is one of the breeding places for polar bears in Svalbard.

Norwegian meteorological station on Hopen in summer. Polar bear pictures on the website of the meteorological station


Source: website of the meteorological station on Hopen

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