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Nusfjord is the first port of call for us, so the rest of the night is calm, apart from the slightly disharmonic music of singing fenders. A very pleasant surprise for most on board to wake up on these lovely surroundings. Nusfjord is kind of a museum village, a time capsule that moves the visitor back to the early 20th century, as you are walking into the old „Landhandel“ or around the little natural harbour with its traditional rorbuer, simple wooden buildings where fishery workers were accommodated periodically in the old days. Kittiwakey are making the same noise today as they did 100 years ago. And the rain showers make you as wet as they did 100 years ago, Gore Tex or not.

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As a final highlight, Captain Joachim is navigating Antigua around the little island of Brattholmen, through a scenic natural channel. A miniature version of Trollfjord, kind of a warm-up exercise. Perfectly enjoyed from the best place, up on the mast ☺

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