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Two years ago, we „discovered“ Tinden, an old trading post on the outer coast of the Vesterålen islands, beautifully situated in a bay under a steep mountain, hidden behind some small islands. We did not have any idea back then what to expect, we had just been told that it should be a nice place. Which was quite an understatement. The old trading post was abandoned long time ago, but has been beautifully revived as a museum, in a similar way as Port Lockroy in Antarctica. Tinden is a small, but lovely ensemble of white wooden houses, shelves squeezed with early 20th century items, there is even a flower garden with old species which they had to re-gather on churchyards. The manager of the place, Kjell, is a great character and a very valuable part of the experience.

So this is what we could enjoy today, and to make things even better, the sun was shining on the whole setting, so a little walk up the steep slope behind the buildings was definitely a good thing to do.

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Hard to imagine that there had been a storm here some months ago, strong enough to destroy several houses here that had survived countless storms during many decades. An irreplacable loss, as nobody can tax or even replace all the historical artefacts lost. And I don’t really want to know how strong the winds were that flattened those sturdy buildings. How nice is today’s light breeze.

By the way, some 360 degree impressions from Tinden are already available. I should make an updated version now, as I got a sunny addendum today.

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