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Daily Archives: 15. July 2015 − News & Stories

Ekmanfjord – 15th Juli 2015

Isfjord is Spitsberge’s big­gest fjord. I’d qui­te like to do a trip once that is just focus­sing on Isfjord. It would be easy to spend a week the­re. The­re is almost ever­ything that you might want to see in Spits­ber­gen: a very diver­se land­s­cape and vege­ta­ti­on, flat tun­dra, nice moun­tains, gla­ciers, wild­life, some very inte­res­ting his­to­ri­cal sites …

Our desti­na­ti­on for today was Ekmanfjord. A wide tun­dra area offe­red as much space for various hikes as anyo­ne might have wan­ted, so we split up into three groups ven­ture out for a rela­xed walk, a hike and a long hike. The tun­dra? A sea of flowers: Pur­p­le saxif­ra­ge, Moun­tain avens, Moss cam­pi­on on wide are­as, to men­ti­on just the main eye cat­chers. The moun­tains? Deep pur­p­le, gent­ly cur­ved slo­pes of Old Red in the north. Migh­ty steep slo­pes cut into ama­zin­gly regu­lar ero­sio­nal towers in the vicini­ty. The sun made the colours shi­ne and the fresh wind was not just a delight, but it also blew the mos­qui­tos away that you might other­wi­se actual­ly have in this tun­dra of the „inner fjord zone“ on a warm sum­mer day.

Gal­le­ry Ekmanfjord – 15th Juli 2015

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

A late after­noon visit in Skans­buk­ta brought more bota­ni­cal high­lights inclu­ding the beau­ti­ful Nort­hern Jacob’s lad­der in full flower, a group pho­to and some indi­vi­du­al had been bit­ten by the polar bug so bad­ly that they couldn’t resist the tempt­ati­on of a bath in the cold waters of the bay. In the end, the ser­vice crew, chef Sascha, Jana, Nadia and Cla­ra, show­ed what they can actual­ly do and crea­ted a lovely din­ner and evening to cele­bra­te a gre­at trip that is now com­ing to an end.


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