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Ekmanfjord – 15th Juli 2015

Isfjord is Spitsberge’s biggest fjord. I’d quite like to do a trip once that is just focussing on Isfjord. It would be easy to spend a week there. There is almost everything that you might want to see in Spitsbergen: a very diverse landscape and vegetation, flat tundra, nice mountains, glaciers, wildlife, some very interesting historical sites …

Our destination for today was Ekmanfjord. A wide tundra area offered as much space for various hikes as anyone might have wanted, so we split up into three groups venture out for a relaxed walk, a hike and a long hike. The tundra? A sea of flowers: Purple saxifrage, Mountain avens, Moss campion on wide areas, to mention just the main eye catchers. The mountains? Deep purple, gently curved slopes of Old Red in the north. Mighty steep slopes cut into amazingly regular erosional towers in the vicinity. The sun made the colours shine and the fresh wind was not just a delight, but it also blew the mosquitos away that you might otherwise actually have in this tundra of the „inner fjord zone“ on a warm summer day.

Gallery Ekmanfjord – 15th Juli 2015

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A late afternoon visit in Skansbukta brought more botanical highlights including the beautiful Northern Jacob’s ladder in full flower, a group photo and some individual had been bitten by the polar bug so badly that they couldn’t resist the temptation of a bath in the cold waters of the bay. In the end, the service crew, chef Sascha, Jana, Nadia and Clara, showed what they can actually do and created a lovely dinner and evening to celebrate a great trip that is now coming to an end.

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