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Lyngenfjord – 02nd November 2015

Nice light on the surrounding island, at least for some time, while we are waiting for the wind to calm down a bit. As soon as we are sailing again, we are confronted with an unexpected nautical highlight: The crossing of the 70th degree of latitude is not the crossing of 70°N, but of 69°60’N. Really! At least according to the GPS screen on the bridge, at least for a moment. A dime for the GPS’s thoughts that moment!

Another nautical-astronomical challenge are the celestial mechanics behind polar night and day. No problem with the aid of a tropical fruit and a torch. And just in case anyone wants to read again why polar night respectively polar day are not equally long in the northern and southern hemisphere, the arcticle polar night – polar day on this website is recommended.

Gallery – Lyngenfjord – 02. November 2015

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Not much else to say about this day, otherwise. Rain, rain, rain.

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