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Hornsund – 28th/29th May 2016

28th/29th May 2016 – Finally Spitsbergen is raising from the sea ahead of us, and we are certainly all looking forward to sheltered waters after the crossing. The swell is actually reaching a bit into Hornsund, making the first anchorage a bit lively.

Gallery Hornsund – 28th/29th May 2016

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The first landing brings great views of the nearby glacier and of the mighty surf pounding on the outer shore of our little peninsula. Hornsundtind is still hiding in clouds, but not for long anymore. After a couple of hours, Bautaen and Hornsundtind are both free of clouds, rising majestically into the blue sky. We enjoy the panorama of glaciers, ice and mountains for another day. Although it is obviously far less ice than it should be. No driftice anywhere near, only icebergs from the local glaciers. Hardly any trace of fast ice, only some lose, drifting, weathering floes. Sad.

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