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Liefdefjord – 07th June 2016

„Ice is nice“ is a bit of an understatement for the stunning beauty of Monacobreen today. Although it starts with „ice would be nice“. Just a few years ago, the fjord ice stretched 20 km further out. Now there isn’t the slightest trace of sea ice near Monacobreen.

But there is glacier ice. Plenty of it, in the most beautiful colours. All shades from bright white to deep blue.

Two small islands have appeared under the retreating Seligerbreen. There are covered with towers of glacier ice, but the rocks are sticking out at all sides. It won’t take long until we we can land on them, where everything has been buried under glacier ice just recently.

Gallery Liefdefjord – 07th June 2016

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After a little hike on Lernerøyane, a landscape that reminds a bit of Greenland, and looking for polar bears in outer Liefdefjord, we are now anchored in well-sheltered Mushamna. A breeze is blowing and the snow is drifting quite densely, arctic winter is in the air. See what tomorrow brings.

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