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Storfjord – 26th July 2016

The wide-open Storfjord, often a very unpleasant stretch of water, is lying like a mirror around us. After a late breakfast – the polar bear show kept us busy for a good part of the night – we reached Spitsbergen’s east coast and dropped the anchor. When you have the rare opportunity to step ashore on this exposed coastline, you just have to use it! The rocky coastline is a landscape very much on its own, it looks as if someone had built a wall, but it is all nature. Some of the huge blocks show tracks of dinosaurs that were roaming here when this was still a wide, wet delta area in the lower Cretaceous. Other rocks have been turned to mushrooms and columns by erosion.

Gallery Storfjord – 26th July 2016

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We continue over flatcalm sea, the water appears oily, fulmars are mirrored, whale blows are going up, long backs are breaking through the surface. Spitsbergen’s east coast is stretching all over the western horizon, mountains and glaciers, glaciers and mountains. The clouds are backing out, and the sun is calming warm evening light over the whole scenery. What a night!

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