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Hornsund – 16th August 2016

Due to the night shift on the wheel, I miss the first landing in Hornsund, but later I hear of a little hike, reindeer, arctic skuas and a glacier as I join group life again around mid day.

Hardly anyone has really slept well last night because of the movements of the boat, so a relaxed little walk at Gnålodden is the perfect choice for the afternoon. It is pure pleasure to lie on dry tundra near the bird cliff – the kittiwakes are still there, making a lot of noise – and let the eye wander over the arctic landscape.

What a life, what a land!

We also have a look at Wanny Woldstad’s home in Hornsund, namely in Hyttevika. She is the one who wrote the previous sentence in her book about her adventurous life as a female hunter here in the 1930s. The hut in Hyttevika, built in 1907, got some serious maintainance earlier this sommer. Good job. Now she is ready for another 100 years. (there is a panorama tour of this hut on this website).

Gallery – Hornsund – 16th August 2016

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Then we are looking forward to a calm night at anchor. But some of the swell is still rolling in here, so it is not as calm as we had been hoping for. As also the wind is picking up and the anchor alarm is going for the third time, Heinrich lifts the anchor in the early morning hours and we start steaming north.

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