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Bellsund, Isfjord – 17th-19th August, 2016

17th-19th August, 2016 – We made large steps back towards Isfjord, but not without an extensive stop in Bellsund. There, we started with a relaxed afternoon in the panorama lounge of the Arctica II, watching how wind, low clouds and rain turned the arctic into something very grey. Later that day, it cleared up a bit and we went out for a walk in Recherchefjord.

Things got better next day when we went for a longer hike in Van Keulenfjord. After a few hundred metres over fossil beach ridges we were greeted by a large male reindeer. Having as much time as we would need or want is so good. Not having to keep an eye on the watch, just taking things as they come. It does not yet get dark here at nighttime … it took some time, but then the reindeer had really come close to us, just being curious and friendly before it went its way again.

We followed a small river with lovely little waterfalls to that glacier cave that we happened to find in July. When you are lucky enough to find something like that, then you have to make use of it! So we did, we went into the wonderful inside world of that glacier and enjoyed (you can do this now also online, with a 360 degree panoramic view, just by clicking this link).

Finally it was time for the last open sea passage to Isfjord. It turned out to be a bit of a passage due to a stiff breeze which was filling the sail, so we went up north with excellent speed. The friends of sailing certainly had a great evening! This was noticed also inside the ship, as some gusts made the ship lean over quite strongly before we entered Grønfjord to find a sheltered anchorage.

Gallery – Bellsund, Isfjord – 17th-19th August, 2016

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As the wind kept blowing in Isfjord the next day, we decided to spend the last day of the trip in Grønfjord, which was comparatively sheltered. Anyone who thought Grønfjord does not have nice nature and scenery was positively disappointed during a little mountain hike respectively tundra walk. Finally, we had our first meeting with civilisation again in Barentsburg, before we enjoyed Heinrich’s great final dinner and then made the last miles (of 1192 in total) back to Longyearbyen.

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