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Negribreen-Heleysund – 02nd July 2017

A seemingly large part of Negribreen, Spitsbergen’s largest glacier, came towards us already in northern Storfjord, in shape of an endless, dense stripe of icebergs. Many, many miles of icebergs, small and large ones, the whole evening.

We spent sunday morning at Negribreen, with Zodiacs and cruising with Antigua. A seemingly endless ice cliff, which is very active in parts. A section of the glacier front is so crevassed that the glacier is actually fallen apart. The ice cliff is up to 70 metres high! Measured with radar and sextant.

Gallery – Negribreen-Heleysund – 02nd July 2017

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We continue through Heleysund, which is surprisingly open, hence no problem. The current is impressive. Together with the stunning scenery, this makes for an amazing passage. It is so beautiful that we take it three times, through Heleysund and both channels of Ormholet. So finally we end up on the eastern side and enjoy the open drift ice there in the evening.

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