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Barentsøya – 03rd July 2017

To our own surprise, we sailed around Barentsøya last night and entered Freemansund from the east. We spent a cold, but impressive morning in a little canyon with a kittywake colony and a very relaxed polar fox. Later, the wind blew us out of Freemansund, but we found a sufficiently sheltered landing site on the western side of Barentsøya. A strong contrast between the tundra that grew during thousands of years on basaltic bedrock and the moonlike moraine that was created by an advancing glacier exactly 100 years ago. Not enough time to create a lot of vegetation beyond some flowers here and there.

Now we are under sail, with a pleasant northeasterly wind, heading for the south cape and the west coast of Spitsbergen.

Gallery – Barentsøya – 03rd July 2017

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