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Lady Franklinfjord – 03rd August 2017

The day was very promising already from a geographical viewpoint, even if it had not been for anything else. Who has been in Lady Franklinfjord? Exactly. And we want to go to places where not everybody else is going. Lady Franklinfjord is pretty high on this hitlist.

Just have a look at the sea chart. No surprise that larger ships don’t come in here. It brings a lot of fun and a bit of adrenaline to sail through the shallow waters of Lady Franklinfjord, south of Lågøya.

This little island in Lady Franklinfjord was not supposed to be much more than the site for a little morning walk. It turned out to be another little adrenaline kick, as suddenly we saw a polar bear walking around not too far away. We moved away without much drama and back on Arctica II, we got some nice views of the beautiful animal.

We had some stunning views of the grand scenery in inner Lady Franklinfjord from a little hill, viewing over the barren coastal landscape to the north and the majestic glaciers (Franklinbreane) to the south and east. In contrast to most of Svalbard’s glaciers, they have even advanced a little bit in recent years. Later, we had a good look at the glacier fronts and some of the many icebergs as we were cruising through that magnificient bit of scenery with Arctica II. Amazing how Heinrich maneouvres his boat in these icy waters! The scenery is indeed of Greenlandic quality, and that means something.

Gallery – Lady Franklinfjord – 03rd August 2017

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We made a nice evening walk in Jäderinfjord, a side bay of Lady Franklinfjord and another rather remote place. Fog was moving in a bit, but given we had seen the whole scenery in splendid weather during the day, we just enjoyed the atmosphere and the light.

What a day!

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