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Lady Fran­klin­fjord – 03rd August 2017

The day was very pro­mi­sing alrea­dy from a geo­gra­phi­cal view­point, even if it had not been for anything else. Who has been in Lady Fran­klin­fjord? Exact­ly. And we want to go to pla­ces whe­re not ever­y­bo­dy else is going. Lady Fran­klin­fjord is pret­ty high on this hit­list.

Just have a look at the sea chart. No sur­pri­se that lar­ger ships don’t come in here. It brings a lot of fun and a bit of adre­na­li­ne to sail through the shal­low waters of Lady Fran­klin­fjord, south of Lågøya.

This litt­le island in Lady Fran­klin­fjord was not sup­po­sed to be much more than the site for a litt­le morning walk. It tur­ned out to be ano­t­her litt­le adre­na­li­ne kick, as sud­den­ly we saw a polar bear wal­king around not too far away. We moved away without much dra­ma and back on Arc­ti­ca II, we got some nice views of the beau­ti­ful ani­mal.

We had some stun­ning views of the grand sce­ne­ry in inner Lady Fran­klin­fjord from a litt­le hill, viewing over the bar­ren coas­tal land­s­cape to the north and the majes­tic gla­ciers (Fran­klin­brea­ne) to the south and east. In con­trast to most of Svalbard’s gla­ciers, they have even advan­ced a litt­le bit in recent years. Later, we had a good look at the gla­cier fronts and some of the many ice­bergs as we were crui­sing through that magni­fi­ci­ent bit of sce­ne­ry with Arc­ti­ca II. Ama­zing how Hein­rich mane­ouvres his boat in the­se icy waters! The sce­ne­ry is inde­ed of Green­lan­dic qua­li­ty, and that means some­thing.

Gal­le­ry – Lady Fran­klin­fjord – 03rd August 2017

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

We made a nice evening walk in Jäder­in­fjord, a side bay of Lady Fran­klin­fjord and ano­t­her rather remo­te place. Fog was moving in a bit, but given we had seen the who­le sce­ne­ry in sple­ndid wea­ther during the day, we just enjoy­ed the atmo­s­phe­re and the light.

What a day!

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