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Isfjord – 21st September 2017

This days comes as a contrast, showing us how it could have been much more often: grey and wet. We have been very lucky with many good days with great light!

The rather dark light and weather fits the desolate atmosphere of Barentsburg, where we spend the morning. The russian settlements have been part of Spitsbergen for the best part of a century!

Later, we try our luck finding orcas and polar bears that have recently been seen in Isfjord. No luck with the wildlife, so we make a short, quiet final landing not far from Kapp Wijk in Dickson Land, to say goodbye to the arctic tundra.

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A few hours later, we are alongside in Longyearbyen, and a great trip comes to an end.

last modification: 2017-10-02 · copyright: Rolf Stange