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Spitsbergen-calendar 2018: November introduced

The next image from the Spitsbergen calendar 2018 is the month November. It shows a small group of Spitsbergen reindeer. These shed their antlers once every year. The exact time is different for males and females. It also varies individually, to some degree.

This small herd of reindeer shows all variations in their antlers: one does not have antlers at all, one dones only have one half and the third one has got the full set of antlers!

The photo shows reindeer in a winter environment at Diabasodden in Sassenfjord. In the early winter, reindeer have got their fat reserves, next to the meagre vegetation that is mostly hidden under snow. Later, when the fat reserves are used up and the tundra is still under snow and ice, the risk from starvation will increase strongly.

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2018: November. Reindeer

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2018: November. A group of Spitsbergen-reindeer with different variations of their antlers.

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