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Helicopter crash: wreck soon to be lifted

The wreck of the Russian helicopter that crashed into Isfjord last week was identified on photos taken by a dive roboter from the research vessel Ossian Sars. The MI-8 helicopter is lying on the sea floor at a depth of 209 metres in Isfjord, about 2 km from the Russian helicopter base at Heerodden close to Barentsburg.

One body was found in a distance of 130 metres to the wreck. It is already in Longyearbyen. There is no hope that any of the 8 people in the helicopter, 5 crew and 3 scientists, survived.

The Norwegian authority for traffic disasters (Statens havarikommisjon for transport, SHT) is now in charge of further investigations. A salvage vessel is expected to arrive in Longyearbyen on Thursday. The uplifting operations will start as soon as the vessel is in position at the accident site. Russian specialists are in Longyearbyen to support the Norwegian forces under Norwegian leadership. When the wreck is lifted, it will be taken to the Norwegian mainland for further investigations. SHT is currently conducting interviews with witnesses and collecting various data including weather, the condition of the helicopter, qualification of the crew and more.

Photo by a dive roboter of the research vessel Ossian Sars used to identify the wreck (image © G.O. Sars).

helicopter wreck.

Source: SHT

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