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Daily Archives: 19. May 2018 − News & Stories


We were a bit curious how it would be to get Anti­gua into the small har­bour of Nusfjord in the strong winds that we had, but they just cal­med down and it tur­ned out to be fine. And so did the after­noon. The wea­ther cle­ared up and it got real­ly nice and plea­sant. And then, Nusfjord is such a love­ly place!

Nusfjord: Trockenfisch

Old fri­ends in Nusfjord.

Pro­ba­b­ly the most famous of the tra­di­tio­nal Lofo­ten fishing vil­la­ges, Nusfjord is a beau­tiful set­ting of old buil­dings around a small, well-shel­te­red natu­ral har­bour. The old shop was open and very popu­lar, and we went hiking over some rocky hills near the sea, enjoy­ing the views over moun­ta­ins, the coast and Ves­t­fjord. An extre­me­ly enjoya­ble after­noon!


The har­bour of. And, actual­ly, the who­le rest of it.

Now we are sai­ling north (or east, rather) in the evening sun, hea­ding for Kabel­våg.

Lofo­ten: Rei­ne

Some hours sai­ling (wit­hout engi­ne!) took us across Ves­t­fjord to Mos­ken­esøya, the sou­thern­most island of the main chain of the Lofo­ten islands (the­re are some out­liers, Værøy and Røst, far out in the sea). Most peo­p­le enjoy­ed the pas­sa­ge, alt­hough it was the first day on the ship. Col­la­te­ral dama­ge rela­ted to the moti­on of the ship was not unhe­ard of, but rather limi­t­ed. Good to get some trai­ning! We will see some more open water later on this trip.

SV Antigua with Captain Mario

Lea­ving Bodø: Cap­tain Mario gives steam.

SV Antigua under sail across Vestfjord

Sai­ling across Ves­t­fjord to the Lofo­ten islands.

But for the moment we are in Rei­ne, one of the sou­thern­most fishing vil­la­ges in Lofo­ten. Admit­ted­ly, the wea­ther could have been bet­ter. But we are on Lofo­ten. And it is actual­ly real­ly beau­tiful as soon as some sun is brea­king through the clouds!

Rainbow over Reine, Lofoten

Rain­bow over Rei­ne, Lofo­ten.

This year’s catch of cod is still han­ging on the dry­ing racks, soon it will be taken down for export.

Dry fish, Reine, Lofoten

Dry­ing racks with cod in Rei­ne, Lofo­ten.

Kit­ti­wa­kes are ever­y­day birds in the north. They are bree­ding in many places on steep cliffs. But a kit­ti­wa­ke on a nest on a tree in a gar­den? Never seen that befo­re! 🙂

Kittiwake, Reine, Lofoten

Kit­ti­wa­ke on a nest on a tree! Quite unu­su­al for the­se cliff-bree­ders.

The­re is always some­thing to dis­co­ver in the­se Lofo­ten fishing vil­la­ges. Even in grey and wet wea­ther, the­re are the colours of the woo­den hou­ses and the flowers. But it was inde­ed a good thing that the Café ope­ned at 11 a.m., and almost ever­y­bo­dy found the way the­re soon. No sur­pri­se!

Colours of flowers and houses, Reine, Lofoten

Colours of flowers and hou­ses in Rei­ne.

Now we are hea­ding for Nusfjord and curious what the after­noon will bring the­re.


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