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We were a bit curious how it would be to get Antigua into the small harbour of Nusfjord in the strong winds that we had, but they just calmed down and it turned out to be fine. And so did the afternoon. The weather cleared up and it got really nice and pleasant. And then, Nusfjord is such a lovely place!

Nusfjord: Trockenfisch

Old friends in Nusfjord.

Probably the most famous of the traditional Lofoten fishing villages, Nusfjord is a beautiful setting of old buildings around a small, well-sheltered natural harbour. The old shop was open and very popular, and we went hiking over some rocky hills near the sea, enjoying the views over mountains, the coast and Vestfjord. An extremely enjoyable afternoon!


The harbour of. And, actually, the whole rest of it.

Now we are sailing north (or east, rather) in the evening sun, heading for Kabelvåg.

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