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We were a bit curious how it would be to get Anti­gua into the small har­bour of Nusfjord in the strong winds that we had, but they just cal­med down and it tur­ned out to be fine. And so did the after­noon. The wea­ther clea­red up and it got real­ly nice and plea­sant. And then, Nusfjord is such a lovely place!

Nusfjord: Trockenfisch

Old friends in Nusfjord.

Pro­bab­ly the most famous of the tra­di­tio­nal Lofo­ten fishing vil­la­ges, Nusfjord is a beau­ti­ful set­ting of old buil­dings around a small, well-shel­te­red natu­ral har­bour. The old shop was open and very popu­lar, and we went hiking over some rocky hills near the sea, enjoy­ing the views over moun­tains, the coast and Ves­t­fjord. An extre­me­ly enjoya­ble after­noon!


The har­bour of. And, actual­ly, the who­le rest of it.

Now we are sai­ling north (or east, rather) in the evening sun, hea­ding for Kabel­våg.

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