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Raudfjord – Fuglefjord – Kobbefjord – 18 September 2018

It is hard to believe, but the weather remains faultlessly beautiful. Hardly a cloud in the sky, gentle frost in the morning, no wind worth mentioning.

It is time to stretch legs a bit. Solanderfjellet is tempting with stunning views over Raudfjorden.


View over Raudfjorden

We continue through Fuglefjord, filled with ice from the mighty Svitjodbreen.


In the evening we turn into Kobbefjorden on Danskøya. This is where sealing ships used to leave mail for the mainland in the past – there is no letter or postcard in the cairn here today, the tradition seems to vanish in the haze of history. This is also where Torgeir Simonsen and Harald Møkleby ended up after their icy Odyssey in 1922 to die tragically a few months later. We, in contrast, can enjoy the deep-red colours of the sunset and a number of very curious harbour seals before we continue south on a flat-calm sea.


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