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SV Antigua in Tromsø: first northern light and Henry Rudi’s office

We are about to cast lose one last time this year in the Arctic. Northern lights, beautiful scenery in stunning northern winter light conditions, Orcas – hopes are certainly high; we will see what the next week will bring. But there is still some time before we will actually set sail.

SV Antigua, Rolf, Tromsø

SV Antigua and Rolf in Tromsø: ready to go!

Tromsø has been the door to the Arctic for a long time and it still is. Many ships have left for hightest latitudes from here and this is where many of them came back to civilisation. So does Antigua right now, and we are meeting old friends such as MS Stockholm and SV Noorderlicht.

SV Antigua, MS Stockholm, Tromsø

SV Antigua next to MS Stockholm in the harbour ofTromsø.

Of course there is always something to do before a ship can leave port. I take my hat as an arctic author and soon I can smile: my guidebook Spitsbergen-Svalbard is now available for sale at Polaria in Tromsø, in all three languages!

It is a beautiful day with a clear sky and lovely light. Hopefully we get more of this next week, that would make some people happy! We even get a northern light above Tromsø. Not very strong and fainting next to all the artificial light and the almost full moon. But it is a start, fingers crossed for more soon!

Northern light, Tromsø

Weak northern light above Tromsø.

There is also time to visit a place that may almost be counted as part of Spitsbergen’s cultural heritage: Mack’s Ølhalle. This famous beer hall belongs to Mack’s brewery, founded in 1877, and it used to be the first place to go for famous winterers such as “Polar Bear king” Henry Rudi and others, who refuelled here after a long arctic winter, spending the earnings of many hard and cold months in weeks or even just days. Henry Rudi’s place is still marked with a sign that has got his name!

Macks Ølhalle, Tromsø

Mack’s Ølhalle in Tromsø: Henry Rudi, the famous “polar bear king”, and other arctic winterers refuelled here after a year in the Arctic.

I don’t want to leave a lasting impression as Henry Rudi, who almost seems to have lived here during his short summer visits to Tromsø, my visit was a bit shorter.

Macks Ølhalle, Tromsø

Macks Ølhalle in Tromsø was called Henry Rudi’s office. You could rely to find him here in his days.

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