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With new Spitsbergen panoramas into the new year

In 2018, again I had plenty of opportunities to shoot arctic panoramas, making these interesting and beautiful (well in some cases, it is interesting or beautiful) easily accessible for everybody. Physically, most of them are pretty much inaccessible for most people. A panorama photo does not physically take you to, say, a mountain top on Prins Karls Forland, but it is the next best thing – it gives you the feeling to be in the middle of the landscape, you can just turn around and enjoy the full view of the arctic landscape.

Over 5 years now, the by far largest digital museum of Spitsbergen (Svalbard) has thus come into existance. And it keeps growing. It takes quite some time and effort to turn the 18 RAW files (35, in some cases) into one panorama and to make that part of a dedicated little website or even to turn many panoramas into one virtual tour, such as the school / kindergarten in Pyramiden. In many cases it has taken years for material to progress on the list to the point where it actually appears on the website.

Neue Spitsbergen Panorama: Persiskammen, Prins Karls Forland - just one out of many new Spitsbergen panoramas

New Spitsbergen panoramas: the round view from Persiskammen, in the southern part of Prins Karls Forland, is just one out of many
(this here is just a screenshot without panorama function).

Here is a choice of new Spitsbergen panoramas that we have made during the last couple of months and weeks – a little Christmas-/New Years’s present for the Spitsbergen community:

  • Pyramiden: School / Kindergarten. In October the whole collection of Pyramiden panoramas had moved to a dedicated little map so you can find your way around as you take a little walk through the old ghost town, possibly visiting a building here and there. And we added some new panoramas, including the school / kindergarten, which is our largest single virtual tour so far – the building has 3 floors! Other new ones include the old mines.
  • Barentsburg: also here we did not just add new material, but we sorted the panos on a dedicated map, so you know where you are. New panoramas include the brewery, Lenin, the chapel, …
  • And while we were at it, of course also Ny-Ålesund had to get its own map to make the whole thing proper. And also here we took the opportunity to add some new panoramas, including Amundsen, the Kongsfjordbutikken, the museum, the Green House, the airshipmast, …
  • Let’s get out of the settlements and into the wilderness. Murraypynten is a point on Prins Karls Forland with some fine views.
  • Another one on Prins Karls Forland. Nesungen is on the outer side of the island, which is exposed and rarely visited.
  • Last but definitely not least from Prins Karls Forland. The view on Persiskammen, this lonesome mountain in the south of the island, is just stunning!
  • Elfenbeinbreen in Agardhdalen, not far from the east coast.
  • Buchholzbukta is not far from Heleysund, as far east on the main island of Spitsbergen as you will get.
  • Polhem in Mosselbukta was Nordenskiöld’s base during his 1872-73 wintering.
  • Foxfonna is a little ice cap close to mine 7. Amazing winter views in central Nordenskiöld Land.
  • Rijpsburg on Bohemanflya is not just the site where the first commercial coal mining took place in Spitsbergen. It is also a beautiful place.
  • Finally back again to civilisation. The taubanesentrale (coal cableway centre) is one of Longyearbyen’s eye catchers. Normally it is closed, but here and now … – welcome in!
  • One of Spitsbergen’s most difficult-to-get-to places is the famous Global Seed Vault). Once again: welcome in!

Enjoy – and happy new year!

last modification: 2018-12-28 · copyright: Rolf Stange