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Billefjord – 02nd June 2019

We were very curious what the day might bring – there had been plenty of polar bear sightings recently in Billefjord. Just yesterday, no less than 3 bears had been observed here! So soon under breakfast we were under steam again. Just a few miles to the ice edge in inner Billefjord.

It did not take much time until we had seen the bears on the fast ice near Nordenskiöldbreen, but far away, too far for good photography. One of the bears was eating a seal, the other one was walking back and forth in the same area, waiting for his chance to get a share of the meal. We followed the whole scene with our binoculars and secured good views with Ingolf’s telescope, but it was too far to obtain reasonable photos. But the whole landscape setting was stunning, with the ice cliff of the glacier in the background and the ice edge where some seals were resting on ice or playing in the water.

Gallery – Billefjord – 02nd June 2019

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Later, we ventured for our first landing in Skansbukta, where we saw reindeer in amazing numbers and we enjoyed the sunny views of the impressive scenery – well deserved after ascending the slope through deep snow.

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