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Storfjord-Sørkappøya – 18th August 2019

Today we are heading across Storfjord to the south cape and the west coast. The weather should be ideal, according for the forecast. And it was ideal. It does not get any better. Sun and flatcalm water. The skipper can relax (see photo). Fin whales showed up a couple of times.

The south cape (Sørkapp), usually good for many miles in rough waters around the shallow and dangerous coastlines, opens a door for us today. The weather is so good that we can dare to go ashore on Sørkappøya. This island („South cape island“) is the southernmost part of Spitsbergen (save for Bear Island/Bjørnøya, far to the south in the Barents Sea).

Sørkappøya looks like a flat and boring island from the distance, but it isn’t when you get closer. The structures are amazing. Geometrical patterns of raised beach ridges, many lagoons, walls of steeply dipping, hard layers of sediments full of fossils. The low sun casts red evening light over the whole beauty of this exciting place, it almost touches the horizon – actually, the first sunset after the midnight sun period will happen here tomorrow (and a couple of days later in Longyearbyen, further north).

Gallery – Storfjord-Sørkappøya – 18th August 2019

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Late at night, skipper Peter impresses everybody as he takes Arctica II safely through Mesund, a narrow and shallow passage north of Sørkappøya. That saves us many miles and it gives us a stunning passage between many small islands and rocks, while the red sun is touching the mountains of Sørkapp Land.

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