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Tjuvfjord – 17th August 2019

Here in Tjuvfjord we can enjoy the rare feeling to explore new waters and lands. Not too many people have been here before, and certainly not too many tourists. This was a classical hunting area during the years of the trappers.

We find a reasonably well sheltered landing site and hike over a wide-open, barren coastal plain to the flat-topped moutains that are stretching all the way along this coast. Vom one of the tops we have a great panoramic views over the whole Storfjorden. An amazing scenery, and seen only by few people. There are plenty of reindeer- and polar bear tracks on the lowland as well as on the mountain slopes, but no human footprints other than our own ones.

The large lagoon of Tjuvfjordlaguna is our next destination, but there, the coast is hidden by a dense belt of drift ice. Not a bad thing – we keep the drift ice next to us for a couple of miles, until we are near Zieglerøya. Seeing this island in ice, with the mountains of Edgeøya in the background, is amazing. This area used to be famous hunting grounds for the trappers in times long gone by. There is still a hut built by Henry Rudi, the „polar bear king“, on Andréetangen, just behind these islands.

Gallery – Tjuvfjord – 17th August 2019

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We enjoy the lovely passage in stunning evening light towards the mighty mountain Kvalpynten – yesterday’s polar bear is still walking around on the slopes in exactly the same position – and then we anchor in Habenichtbukta. Tomorrow we will sail towards the south cape. The weather forecast appears to be perfect. Fingers crossed it holds true.

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