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Vikingebugt – 31st August 2019

Last night the anchor fell in Vikingebugt. Quite deep in the Scoresbysund – we had sailed more than 60 miles since turning around Kap Brewster – but there are not many sheltered anchorages on this rugged coastline. It was a nice moment when the enginge was turned off for the first time since we had left Grimsey four days ago. Silence. Everybody having dinner at the same time. Nice.

After a calm night, we wanted to go ahead with our first landing. It was time to feel Greenland under our feet. It took a while to get the boats ready after the open ocean crossing – they were safely stowed away and secured at open sea, normal procedure – and then … a polar bear on shore! Who would have expected that – polar bear sightings are not an everyday thing in Greenland! We had been talking about polar bears just a bit earlier today, the usual safe side of landings in the Arctic, but then actually seeing one, here in the Scoresbysund … well, as mentioned before, this is a pretty rare event in this area.

The bear followed a rocky slope, then rested for a while on a snow field and finally entered a moraine area. It was not exactly an opportunity for stunning photography, but a fine observation.

Gallery – Vikingebugt – 31st August 2019

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Obviously, we adjusted the plans for our landing and moved to a small island. It is always great how such small islands, that seem to be just barren rocks from a distance, turn out to be treasure boxes of nature. Basalt columns as made by hand, and these stunning colours of the late summer tundra, that Spitsbergen just does not have, at least not at this level. Bright yellow and red, even on a rather grey day like today.

And, of course, the stunning surroundings. Bits and pieces of glacier ice everywhere, large glaciers in the background, mighty mountains surrounding the fjord.

Now we are continuouing our way into the Scoresbysund.

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