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Danmark Ø – 01st September 2019

We reached Hekla Havn last night, a beautiful natural harbour on Danmark Ø, where we secured Anne-Margaretha with a sophisticated arrangement of shorelines perfectly well so we did not even need to keep anchor watch. Not a bad thing, a full night of sleep, just for a change, as we could all easily agree on.

Next morning, we went out by Zodiac. On an inconspicuous terrace above the shore, we found remains of an inuit settlement. A whole row of winter houses indicating a large settlement for pre-Danish Greenlandic standards. Almost a big city. With excellent views over the fjord.

You can find some of Scoresbysund’s most beautiful gneisses around Hekla Havn. Stunning colours and structures that nobody could think of, this is something just nature can create.

Gallery – Danmark Ø – 01st September 2019

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If you look closely, you can still see where Ryder’s expedition had their wintering base in 1891-92. They were the first Europeans who discovered and mapped Scoresbysund’s inner reaches. Without Ryder, maybe we wouldn’t know today that all these beautiful places exist, Fønfjord, Rødefjord, Øfjord and so on …

So we enjoyed a perfectly good Greenlandic morning on Danmark Ø and then we continued our voyage into Fønfjord, aiming for the innermost branches of the huge Scoresbysund.

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