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Dan­mark Ø – 01st Sep­tem­ber 2019

We reached Hek­la Havn last night, a beau­ti­ful natu­ral har­bour on Dan­mark Ø, whe­re we secu­red Anne-Mar­ga­re­tha with a sophisti­ca­ted arran­ge­ment of shore­li­nes per­fect­ly well so we did not even need to keep anchor watch. Not a bad thing, a full night of sleep, just for a chan­ge, as we could all easi­ly agree on.

Next morning, we went out by Zodiac. On an incon­spi­cuous ter­race abo­ve the shore, we found remains of an inu­it sett­le­ment. A who­le row of win­ter houses indi­ca­ting a lar­ge sett­le­ment for pre-Danish Green­lan­dic stan­dards. Almost a big city. With excel­lent views over the fjord.

You can find some of Scoresbysund’s most beau­ti­ful gneis­ses around Hek­la Havn. Stun­ning colours and struc­tures that nobo­dy could think of, this is some­thing just natu­re can crea­te.

Gal­le­ry – Dan­mark Ø – 01st Sep­tem­ber 2019

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

If you look clo­se­ly, you can still see whe­re Ryder’s expe­di­ti­on had their win­te­ring base in 1891-92. They were the first Euro­peans who dis­co­ve­r­ed and map­ped Scoresbysund’s inner reaches. Without Ryder, may­be we wouldn’t know today that all the­se beau­ti­ful pla­ces exist, Fønfjord, Rødefjord, Øfjord and so on …

So we enjoy­ed a per­fect­ly good Green­lan­dic morning on Dan­mark Ø and then we con­ti­nued our voya­ge into Fønfjord, aiming for the inner­most bran­ches of the huge Scores­by­sund.

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