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A lovely early winter day in Tromsø, on 70 degrees north – cold and clear, calm and sunny.

Everybody is coming on board SV Antigua in the late afternoon. It feels like late evening, but it is really just the late afternoon – sunset just after 15.00 hours and it is kind of getting dark an hour later.

But the lights up there are turned on again. First class northern lights! We enjoy the magic in the harbour, with the lights above the long bridge and the famous cathedral, and during the first miles of our voyage.

We go alongside after two hours sailing in Finnkroken on the island of Reinøya. A tiny little pier and the chance for an evening walk and to put the tripod up on solid ground – the northern light show is still going on.

Gallery – Tromsø – Finnkroken

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We get a very warm welcome. What a pleasant surprise! There are indeed people here who do not mind to see tourists! Jo Martin is one of a dozen people who are living here (is it really that many?). He is the owner of an old trading post next to the pier. It was founded in 1802 and it is really a bit of a time capsule! At the same time, there is a path into the wood which is marked by torches, so we can easily find the way to a lavvo (large tent) which is heated by a fire inside – while the northern lights are dancing on the sky! How good is that!? Incredible! What a great start into the voyage!

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