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Skrolsvik & Harstad

We arrive at Skrolsvik on the southwestern point of Senja at breakfast time. Sun and snow are bathing the landscape in ever-changing winter light.

You can do everything from short walks to mountain climbing here. We are happy with a good walk up a mountain slope or an easy walk following a path to the coast. There are also some fortifications here which the Germans built during the war.

The owners of the old store („Gammelbutikken“) are so kind to open especially for us. The lovely wooden building was built in 1870 and it served as the local store for all kinds of daily use stuff from 1925 to 1992. Now it is kept as kind of a museum. And you can still buy all sorts of lovely things here.

Gallery – Skrolsvik and Harstad

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Then we continue to Harstad on the island of Hinnøya which belongs to Vesterålen. The Germans (again …) put up some crazy guns and fortifications here during the war. The historical museum and the medieval church are unfortunately closed today.

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