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Skarberget & Tranøy

We are a good bit further south and now we are in the Lofoten area. Not yet Lofoten proper, but we could see them from here if it was clear. “Here” is Tysfjord, a large, beautiful fjord that is cutting into Norway opposite of the northern Lofoten islands.

You can make lovely hikes in this area. We opt for Skarberget. Weather-wise, it took a bit of motivation, but then … it is great as soon as you are out there, with snow and fresh wind! The views are not quite as amazing as they might be on a clear day, though.

Gallery – Skarberget & Tranøy

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Later we move over to Tranøy. Again some amazing maneouvring by Mario to get alongside in this tiny littl port. The art park of Tranøy is waiting for us! Who cares about cold, darkness and rain if you can go out and see various pieces of art!

Yes, the weather. Could be better.

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