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Groun­ded shrimp traw­ler Nor­th­gui­der: sal­va­ging ope­ra­ti­on has star­ted

The shrimp traw­ler Nor­th­gui­der, which ran aground clo­se to Spar­ren­e­set on Nord­aus­t­land, south of Murchi­son­fjord, is still sit­ting on the rocks. The wreck is sup­po­sed to be remo­ved.

This ope­ra­ti­on has now begun: several spe­cial ships are now on loca­ti­on to get the Nor­th­gui­der off the rocks and away. The sea area around the wreck has been clo­sed for other traf­fic wit­hin one mile from the near­by shore to make sure the crews will not be dis­tur­bed during their work.

Bergung Krabbentrawler Northguider

Sal­va­ging ope­ra­ti­on – shrimp traw­ler Nor­th­gui­der

The crew of the Nor­th­gui­der could be saved after the groun­ding after several dra­ma­tic hours thanks to luck and the skill of the Nor­we­gi­an SAR for­ces who came with two heli­co­p­ters. Fin­gers cros­sed that the sal­va­ging ope­ra­ti­ons will be equal­ly suc­cess­ful!

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