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“Spitsbergen-Svalbard” guidebook: 3rd edition now available

The third edition of the guidebook “Spitsbergen-Svalbard” is now available. The book has been out of print for a while, and an updated version had to wait until other projects were finished.

The third edition follows the structure of the second one, but has been revised and improved through large parts of its contents (text, illustrations) – often concerning details, but this is what makes the difference, isn’t it?

Click here for further details: Spitsbergen-Svalbard (engl.).

The current edition is the 15th book made and published by Rolf Stange (including translations and new editions).

The third edition of “Spitsbergen-Svalbard”.

Spitsbergen-Svalbard guidebook - 3rd edition

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