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Oil spill in the Russian Arctic

A serious oil spill occurred in the Russian Arctic in late April. Leaders of the department of the environment of the autonomous Nenets observed an oil fountain, about 25 metres high, for at least one day on April 20 and 21 on the field Trebs, which is located on the mainland of Russia south of the island of Novaya Zemlya. They say it took at least 36 hours to get the leakage under control. Until then, an estimated 2,200 tons of oil were spilled out over at least 1,5 square kilometres of tundra, including reindeer grazing grounds. At least initially, local waterways are said to remain unharmed.

The operator of the Trebs field, the Russian company Bashneft, is exercising a very restrictive information policy, which makes it very difficult to judge the further development.

According to Greenpeace Russia, the Russian industry is responsible for near 20.000 oil spills – annually. Most of them do not lead to consequences for the operators and happen without any public awareness.

The Trebs field of the Russian Bashneft.
Image © Bashneft.

Oil spill in the Russian Arctic: The Trebs field of the Russian Bashneft

Source: Barentsobserver

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