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No “ozone hole” above the arctic this year

At least occasionally, there are good news from the environmental sector: After the alarmingly strong depletion of the stratospheric ozone concentration in the high arctic measured in 2011, the “zone hole” seems to be “mended” by nature this year, as there hasn’t been any comparable ozone loss this spring.

The reason is the slightly higher temperature in the higher atmosphere compared to last year: Only temperature lower than -78°C enable “ozone killers”, artificial compounds such as CFCs, together with sun radiation to crack ozone molecules.

Stratospheric ozone filters large amounts of natural UV radiation and is thus highly important for all living things, from single-celled organisms to humans. Important scientific work on the atmospheric ozone is carried out, amongst others, by the Alfred Wegener Institute in Ny Ålesund.

Radiosonde to be released in Ny Ålesund.

Radiosonde to be released in Ny Ålesund

Source: Spiegel-Online

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