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SAR capacities in Spitsbergen: 2 large helicopters from 2014

The Norwegian SAR (search and rescue) services in Longyearbyen will have two large Superpuma helicopters at their disposal from 2014. Currently, there is one Superpuma and a smaller helicopter. A Superpuma can carry up to 18 persons.

Until now, these helicopters have been operated by the privately owned company Airlift AS, but in the future the contract will go to another Norwegian company, Lufttransport AS. The Sysselmannen (governor) is accordingly not the owner of the helicopters, but has largely control over their use for official and SAR purposes.

Strengthening the SAR capacities in Longyearbyen will not only benefit locals, scientists, tourists and crews of fishing vessels, but potentially also others in “neighbouring” regions: in recent years, rescue operations from Longyearbyen reached as far as north Greenland and Franz Josef Land.

Superpuma-helocpter in Spitsbergen (here during an exercise).

SAR capacities in Spitsbergen - Rescue helicopter, Spitsbergen.

Source: Sysselmannen

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