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Advanced Antarctica: with MV Ortelius to the Ross Sea

The Ross Sea is a remote part of a remote continent: Antarctica. Most tourist voyages visit the Antarctic Peninsula, whereas the Ross Sea area seldom sees cruise ships. You may call it “Antarctica for advanced learners”: For “beginners”, it means mainly a long, expensiv ship journey over often stormy seas. But for those who know more about it, it can be a dream of a lifetime to sail there in the wake of Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton (who was there before he famous Endurance-expedition).

“Beginners” do not need to read any further, but “advanced learners” who can make such a voyage on relatively short notice have now got an (almost) affordable opportunity to join an expedition to the Ross Sea with MV Ortelius, as the owner company Oceanwide Expeditions is offering attractive discounts for the voyage starting on February, 18, from New Zealand, and terminating March, 20, in Ushuaia (Argentina). For more information, please visit the website of Oceanwide Expeditions.

MV Ortelius in Antarctica. Additionally to the Zodiacs, the ship will also have 2 helicopters during the Ross Sea voyages.

MV Ortelius

Final remark: this page is not used for advertising for any third party, and the owner does not receive any payment (neither direct nor indirect) for posting this note, but finds the voyage absolutely worth spreading the word here.

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