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Artefacts from polar history lost in museum fire in Italy

A fire in the museum of science in Naples (Napoli) in Italy hast led to the loss of irretrievable artifacts from polar history. The exhibition was meant to focus on those aspects of polar history which are shared by Italy and Norway, such as the airship expeditions to the North Pole by Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile, who started 1926 and 1928 in Ny Ålesund. Now, both countries have lost some of their polar heritage.

According to media, fire raising was the reason for the disaster, which has destroyed the museum and thus 175 jobs. There is no information about people being injured. The motive is believed to be a local conflict about the attractive museum estate.

Some of the lost artifacts were brought to Naples from Norway especially for the exhibition. Lost are, amongst others, the skies that Fridtjof Nansen has supposedly used during his famous crossing of the Greenland inland ice in 1888, clothes used by Nobile during his North Pole flight with the Italia in 1928 and the logbook of the Norge, the airship that was used by Amundsen, Nobile and Ellsworth and their crew on their famous flight from Ny Ålesund across the North Pole to Alaska in 1928. It was most likely on this occasion that the North Pole was seen by man.

The airship Norge in 1926 near Ny Ålesund before taking off for the North Pole. The logbook is now lost forever.

Airship Italia, Ny Ålesund.

Source: Aftenposten

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