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Happy ending of a dramatic dogsledding expedition

Two german tourists, one guide and 18 sled dogs left Ymerbukta (Ymerbay) for an five-day dogsledding expedition on the north side of Isfjorden. Initially the weather was nice but it changed the day after and got worse. Finally the whiteout forced the expedition to find a suitable campsite at Kjepasset (Kjeppass). At the same time the dogs of the guide got into a steep snowdrift and started to slip. The guide couldn´t manage to stop them and jumped off the sled. The dogs and the sled disappeared in a crevasse. In case of bad weather conditions on the next day rescue wasn´t possible despite serveral attemps to reach the dogs. Althougt it was able to lower a new rifle. The rifle of the expedition disappeared also in the crevasse with the sled. Another day later the weather cleared and rescuers were able to reach the dogs. All dogs were uninjured and in good shape. After the dogs got food and water the guide and the two tourists decided to continue the expedition back to Ymerbukta.

Sled dogs on Spitsbergen

dogsledding expedition

Source: Svalbardposten, Icepeople

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