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Zodiac accident in Krossfjord: woman dead

A woman died during a small boat accident today (17th June) in Krossfjord, northwestern Spitsbergen. The Zodiac (inflatable rubber boat) was caught by a wave on the way from a small cruise ship to the shore. All 13 persons fell into the water. One woman was subsequently treated by the ship’s physician and rescue services were called, but could not save her.

All that is known so far is that the woman was in her sixties and not of Norwegian nationality. Further details regarding the accident, the cause of death or the identity of the woman are not yet known.

Zodiacs are very strong inflatable rubber boats that are commonly used during rough conditions. The weather conditions in Krossfjord at the time of the accident are not yet known, but it can be believed that they must have been extreme. The last days have generally been quite windy in Spitsbergen (today in Isfjord force 4-5 from west and southwest, but elsewhere possibly much stronger).

Zodiac in use during strong wind.

Zodiac, Spitsbergen

Source: Sysselmannen

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