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Gas in Spitsbergen?

Gas in Spitsbergen? Oil and gas have been looked for multiple times since the 1960, and nothing of economic value had been found so far. It did not seem a relevent question anymore, at least onshore.

Until recently, when gas was found by pure coincidence in quantities that has caused renewed interest and could actually lead to production in the future. It was during a research drilling for the CO2 storage project in Adventdalen (see “Longyearbyen CO2 neutral?” in spitsbergen-svalbard.com-news from May 2013) that gas started to flow out from the well with a constant pressure of 25 bar. The source rock is a shale at a depth of 700 meters. The owner of the area is Store Norske, the mining company that is running the coal mines in the same area (mine 7) and in Sveagruva.

There is, however, still a long way to go before any production might potentially start. Substantial and expensive explorative drilling is needed to investigate the nature and volume of the occurrence. If Store Norske is able and willing to invest heavily seems at least currently unlikely: the company is currently in a difficult economical situation.

It would be a twist of irony if reserach within a project designed to make the energy production in Longyearbyen CO2-neutral would lead to the production of even more fossil energy in Spitsbergen.

The CO2-Lab in Adventdalen near Longyearbyen: time will show if this is the site for future CO2 dumping or gas production.

CO2-Lab, Adventdalen, Spitsbergen

Source: Petro.no

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