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Rus­sia inten­si­fies mili­ta­ry acti­vi­ty in the Arc­tic

In 2014, Rus­sia wants to inten­si­fy its mili­ta­ry acti­vi­ty in the Arc­tic by estab­li­shing a new com­mand struc­tu­re which has the objec­ti­ve to defend Russia´s natio­nal inte­rests in this regi­on. This inclu­des the pro­tec­tion of mili­ta­ry faci­li­ties and civi­li­an ships as well as secu­ring access to the mine­ral resour­ces on the Arc­tic shelf.

The new mili­ta­ry struc­tu­re will be cal­led “Nort­hern Fleet – United Stra­te­gic Com­mand” (SF-OSK). Its sta­tus will be that of a mili­ta­ry district, even if this is not offi­cial­ly shown in its name. So far, the Rus­si­an mili­ta­ry is orga­ni­zed in four lar­ge districts: Wes­tern, Sou­thern, Cen­tral and Eas­tern.

The main com­bat for­ce of the SF-OSK will be the Nort­hern Fleet, which is based at the Mur­mansk regi­on, clo­se to the Nor­we­gi­an bor­der. It will be with­drawn from the “Wes­tern Mili­ta­ry District” to form the basis of the new struc­tu­re. Other units from Nort­hern Rus­sia will be added and new units will be based at Nova­ya Zem­lya, at Franz Josef Land and on the Novo­si­birsk Islands.

This new stra­te­gic ori­en­ta­ti­on of the Rus­si­an mili­ta­ry must be seen in rela­ti­on to the explo­ra­ti­on of resour­ces in the Arc­tic during the last years. Esti­ma­tes tell us that about 30% of the world´s undis­co­ve­r­ed gas depo­sits and 15% of the oil are loca­ted on the Arc­tic shelf. Here, as other coun­tries in this regi­on, Rus­sia defends its eco­no­mic inte­rests, without making a secret of it. Pro­po­sals of put­ting the Arc­tic under the con­trol of the inter­na­tio­nal com­mu­ni­ty or to estab­lish pro­tec­ted are­as, simi­lar to tho­se in the Ant­arc­tic, were unam­bi­guous­ly refu­sed by the Rus­si­an Pre­si­dent Vla­di­mir Putin in Octo­ber 2013.

Bukh­ta Tik­ha­ya, a sta­ti­on on Hoo­ker Island (Ost­rov Guke­ra), Franz Josef Land, aban­do­ned in 1959. In 2014, Rus­sia wants to incre­a­se its pre­sence in the area again.

Bukhta Tikhaya, Franz Josef Land

Source: Bar­ents­no­va

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