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Russian nuclear submarine Krasnodar near Murmansk on fire

The russian nuclear submarine Krasnodar is on fire since Monday morning near Murmansk. Krasnodar is a Oscar II class boat, similar to the Kursk, and one of the last Russian submarines from the days of the Cold War to be taken out of service in 2012 for scrapping.

According to the website Barentsobserver, scrapping a nuclear submarine starts with removal of spent nuclear fuel. Next is removing the rubber cover of the outer hull. This seems to be a dangerous process, as fires of the outer rubber layer during removal have occurred before more than once. It seems as if the present fire is a similar case.

The removal of the nuclear reactors is the last step of scrapping a nuclear submarine. In other words, the 2 reactors are still on board, with considerable amounts of radioactive materials.

Krasnodar is in the Russian navy shipyard Nerpa north of Murmansk, only about 100 km from the Norwegian border. Despite an information exchange agreement, Norwegian authorities were informed by media about the fire before they got any information from official Russian sources. The Norwegian district governor describes a fire on a nuclear submarine as a serious issue.

According to Russian information, no radioactivity has escaped so far.

The burning nuclear submarine Krasnodar in the navy shipyard Nerpa near Murmansk. Foto: b-port.com.

burning nuclear submarine Krasnodar near Murmansk

Source: Barentsobserver

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