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Rus­si­an nuclear sub­ma­ri­ne Krasno­dar near Mur­mansk on fire

The rus­si­an nuclear sub­ma­ri­ne Krasno­dar is on fire sin­ce Mon­day morning near Mur­mansk. Krasno­dar is a Oscar II class boat, simi­lar to the Kursk, and one of the last Rus­si­an sub­ma­ri­nes from the days of the Cold War to be taken out of ser­vice in 2012 for scrap­ping.

Accord­ing to the web­site Bar­ents­ob­ser­ver, scrap­ping a nuclear sub­ma­ri­ne starts with remo­val of spent nuclear fuel. Next is remo­ving the rub­ber cover of the outer hull. This seems to be a dan­ge­rous pro­cess, as fires of the outer rub­ber lay­er during remo­val have occur­red befo­re more than once. It seems as if the pre­sent fire is a simi­lar case.

The remo­val of the nuclear reac­tors is the last step of scrap­ping a nuclear sub­ma­ri­ne. In other words, the 2 reac­tors are still on board, with con­si­derable amounts of radio­ac­ti­ve mate­ri­als.

Krasno­dar is in the Rus­si­an navy ship­y­ard Ner­pa north of Mur­mansk, only about 100 km from the Nor­we­gi­an bor­der. Des­pi­te an infor­ma­ti­on exchan­ge agree­ment, Nor­we­gi­an aut­ho­ri­ties were infor­med by media about the fire befo­re they got any infor­ma­ti­on from offi­cial Rus­si­an sources. The Nor­we­gi­an district gover­nor descri­bes a fire on a nuclear sub­ma­ri­ne as a serious issue.

Accord­ing to Rus­si­an infor­ma­ti­on, no radio­ac­ti­vi­ty has escaped so far.

The bur­ning nuclear sub­ma­ri­ne Krasno­dar in the navy ship­y­ard Ner­pa near Mur­mansk. Foto: b-port.com.

burning nuclear submarine Krasnodar near Murmansk

Source: Bar­ents­ob­ser­ver

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