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The northwest

18th & 19th July, 2014 – Two days from Kongsfjord to Raudfjord, from the west coast to the north coast. Two days west coast weather (west coast weather …) with a lot of wind and rain. But that got us under sail from Kongsfjord to Magdalenefjord, with 7-8 knots. Good sailing! There, it was just as cold and wet yesterday as today in Virgohamna. So much polar history everywhere around us. From the whalers to the trappers. They certainly froze more than we do today. And nobody prepared some warm food for them before they came back to their ice-cold little cabins. A tough life.

Here and now, it is still very comfortable. Also from a Jan Mayen perspective. No sand, and life on Antigua is very good.

Now, we are anchored in Hamiltonbukta in Raudfjord and enjoying some evening sun, something we have been missing for some days now. Hope for a longer hike again tomorrow, but we’ll see how windy it still is then.

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Oh yes, it was very nice to sign a book for the Sysselmannen field police in Sallyhamna. It just felt well. And I do think my Spitsbergen book belongs into every hut in Spitsbergen, and anywhere else, for that sake!

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