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Already the first sunshine day. We are getting spoiled. High summer in the arctic! I may have mentioned it before, but: there is nothing more beautiful than such a day up here, just under 80 degrees. We have been out for many hours today and hiked quite some kilometres over barren tundra in northern Woodfjord. And some hundred metres up. A „new“ mountain, it worked well and the reward came in shape of grand views over Mushamna and Woodfjord.

Now I know why I always leave the GPS on so it can save a track. This way, I am able to find my sunglasses again quite some time after I have left them somewhere on the tundra. Very useful.

Coming to the „Ritter hut“ at Gråhuken is almost like getting back home. It just gives me this feeling. Not only because I have been there quite a few times. Hilmar Nøis hit the nail on the head when he named the hut „Kapp Hvile“ in 1928: Cape of Rest, Cape of inner peace. Something like that. I can’t really translate it. A place where you find peace of mind, that soothes you, that makes you feel at home.

Especially after spending hours on the tundra to get there.

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Now we are heading northeast, towards Verlegenhuken and the drift ice. Still bright sunshine and calm waters. I am very curious about the ice, where it will stop us, what we will find there. But for the moment, to be honest, I’d be quite happy about some hours without whales …

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