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Some days fall into shape by them­sel­ves, star­ting a bit vague in the morning (or the day befo­re, when I am deve­lo­ping ide­as) and then beco­m­ing ama­zing days which have their own dyna­mics. Some­ti­mes, things just hap­pen.

I had to con­si­der other ships and mixed wea­ther, so I had been thin­king for qui­te a while about dif­fe­rent opti­ons for the morning, befo­re Mid­ter­huk­ham­na cros­sed my mind. And it tur­ned out to be the ide­al choice, even without Grey phalar­o­pes. Other than that – pure plea­su­re in one of Spitsbergen’s most friend­ly are­as.

What was sup­po­sed to be a hike tur­ned out to be the trip’s shor­test lan­ding later. It was all the fault of this lazy polar bear that was slee­ping behind some stones. It was only later that we found out that it was actual­ly a good thing: it saved us from a rai­ny after­noon. Ins­tead, we went to Akseløya, whe­re we enjoy­ed sunshi­ne for most of the late after­noon, apart from a few rain­drops. Gre­at, warm evening light on the nort­hern slo­pes of Mid­ter­hukfjel­let with its ama­zing folds. This moun­tain is real­ly uni­que amongst all moun­tains in this world. The same holds true for the island.

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Dozens of Grey phalar­o­pes, and it felt like a bil­li­on of Arc­tic terns who didn’t like us at all, for what rea­son one might only guess. A pair of Arc­tic skuas, dark morph, both of them. What else? As if all this wasn’t qui­te enough alrea­dy. A shame only that the last days star­ted to have an effect on many; not ever­y­bo­dy had enough ener­gy left for this lan­ding.

By the way, my new book is in print and it can now be orde­red 🙂 it is a pho­to book with the tit­le “Nor­we­gens ark­ti­scher Nor­den (3): Die Bären­in­sel und Jan May­en”, with Ger­man text Click here for fur­ther details!



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