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The high north

Actually I thought I shouldn’t write anything. The pictures tell the story, don’t they?

But I can’t really keep my fingers off it. This lovely little bay at North Cape (not the one you are thinking of) was completely unknown and uncharted. It was a masterpiece of navigation by Heinrich to take the Arctica II in there, finding a safe anchorage for the night. And it was even more of a masterpiece to get her (and us) out of there again next morning, after the ice had settled down in the entrance.

Who would have thought 2 weeks ago that we would make it to Sjuøyane, the furthest north up here in the far north? The arctic, here at least, is really arctic this year, with a lot of ice. Out of reach. This is how it should be. But our calculation, to start the trip going south, getting later to the north to give the ice more time to loosen up a bit, was quite right. Perfect timing! It was just the right day for a dash up to Sjuøyane, which presented themselves really the arctic way, with snow and ice-cold wind. The last winter hasn’t really left, the next one is already well on its way. A place forgotten by the summer.

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A free ice cream who can tell me where Nordlysøyane are without a look at the map (the ice cream is to be picked up on Nordlysøyane, just in case). I can tell you that there is a rather curious sub-adult polar bear there.

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