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Danskøya & The Seven Icebergs

A day taken directly from an arctic fairy tale. Well, it was about time to get to see the sun again, and we got a lot of it today. Who would then mind the endless rocks over which we stumbled while hiking across Danskøya, when you can enjoy this amazing view over the mountains and glaciers of northwestern Spitsbergen at the same time? The drama stories from past times from Danskøya can’t diminish our pleasure, they just add some flavour.

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Almost hard to grasp on such a day that the whalers had such a respect for that wild coast which the called „The Seven Icebergs“, referring to seven large glaciers, of course. The coast is still just as wild, but the weather is simply lovely today and it seems to be a pure pleasure place, an arctic Riviera. Amazing colours, dark green slopes near bird cliffs between shining white glaciers with blue crevasses, and all this under a blue sky. Pure pleasure, without any hardships. Extremely enjoyable.

last modification: 2014-08-22 · copyright: Rolf Stange