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Isfjord & Krossfjord

(Tuesday-Thursday, 16th-18th September, 2014) – Once we had finally left Adventfjord on Tuesday, the sun broke through the clouds – one of these amazing September-moments. How many times did we sail past Fugefjellet, and every time it is a view not to be missed, but this time it was something special, indeed.

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Since then, the weather has also been something special. It has been especially shitty. Two lows passing one after another, less than a day between them (on Monday), well, this is not exactly what we had been hoping for. But we have managed several landings up north in Krossfjord, and now we are hiding in Kongsfjord, waiting for better times. And they will come, that’s for sure.

last modification: 2014-09-18 · copyright: Rolf Stange